How to Make a Promotional Video Spot in 3 Steps

Promotional Video Spot

Promotional video marketing has become one of the most important forms of communication between a company and the audience. Any business or company, large or small, must have its own video—consumers are demanding this. Everyone wants to find out how to do so, so here is a mini guide.

Whilst big companies have their own internal marketing team, small businesses or firms struggle with all the complications and obstacles. It is not hard to understand—video production may seem complicated but there are always solutions. In this guide, you will find the basics to make a promotional video spot.

1.    Know and Define Your Audience

How can you know that the target audience will watch the video spot? Use a creative brief to discover and know exactly what makes the target audience to act. The creative brief asks a series of questions to find the target audiences’ wants and needs and the best ways to motivate them.

2.    Choose the Style

Once you know your audience and have the message defined, you are halfway there. It’s time to choose how to do it. The style says a lot—it is a case where the “medium is the message”—so focus and entertain in this segment. You can be serious or cheerful; each can have the maximum effect at different times or simultaneously as long as the message is in the overall tone of the spot.

3.    Identify How to Invest

Marketing in online media has become an increasingly technical area, but the quality still is not where it should be. In the past, a business can be promoted even with a webcam footage. However, those days have passed. Viewers no longer accept poor quality.

YouTube and Vimeo moved to HD and in the same way, the public’s expectations have evolved. Twitter or Facebook users do not even bother to watch video clips of low quality or a bad sound.

Remember, your promotional spots represent the company as much as any sales representative, just that a video spot cannot make any excuses on the spot. On the other hand, it is not necessary to invest thousands of euros in grandiose productions—amazing results can be achieved with small-scale production but at a professional level.

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