On Site Phone Repair Service: Questions to Ask

Phone Repair Service

When your precious smartphone gets in trouble, you might find yourself at a loss. Instead of trying to fix it yourself, go to a professional who knows how to assess and repair your phone. Here are some questions to ask these specialists before you get an on site phone repair service:

Do you have a privacy policy?

The contents of your mobile device are intimate, personal and very private. Because of this, you want to ensure that these experts won’t compromise the content they may find in your gadget. At the same time, they should ensure that all important information is backed-up and protected.

Ask about their responsibility and the measures they do to ensure that your data is well-protected. Do they store this even after your transaction? Make sure that all pertinent data is within your reach and available only for your use of the service.

What kind of warranty do you offer and what does it cover?

Service companies usually offer a warranty of 30 days to 6 months. These companies can be difficult to deal with, especially if your device starts acting up again just after this very short warranty period. Most likely, your gadget is experiencing the same issue because substandard parts are used. Before hiring them, ensure that the warranty covers parts and any sort of harm your smartphone experiences under their care.

Where do you purchase repair parts?

Your mobile device is an important tool in your daily life, which is why you want it to function well. You won’t even want substandard parts to be used since these can potentially damage your gadget further. Because of this, it’s essential to ask where these service centres get their spare parts.

If they are trusted and licensed partners of your smartphone brand, this may be a good sign. However, if the parts are not made of high-quality materials or they source it from the black market, make sure to steer clear of these people.

Ask all these questions before you get an on site phone repair service. This way, you are protected from harm or from further damage. With i-Station, only trusted, licensed and accredited professionals handle your device. For they will make sure to provide you with a reliable repair service!