Points to Consider About Video Production

Video Production

When producing a video, you need to consider a lot of things to ensure that you will achieve your purpose. You’re probably creating one for marketing, training, or personal use. Whatever the goal of the production is, careful planning and smooth execution is a must.

The most important details that you should pay attention to are:

  • The background

Some may only focus on the main subject of the video—like the main character, the product, among others. Yes, it’s true that the subject has to be given much attention, but the background should not be neglected as well. Make sure that your background matches the overall concept. With the right choice of background, the main message of the video will be clearly communicated. You can choose a casual setting or a formal one; depending on what the video’s theme.

  • Clothing and makeup

The clothing and makeup of the actors should adhere to the concept and “feel” of the total production. Determine whether the actors need to be simple, fancy, or look corporate. No participants on the video should go against the concept. Otherwise, the viewers will surely notice. Matching the clothing and make-up accordingly is necessary.

  • Audio

Clear audio is necessary, especially if it’s a training guide or an infomercial. Make sure the boom is pointed directly to the speaker. Those who may opt to use wireless or hardwired microphones have to ensure that it is properly secured on the speaker and that it produces no grumbling noise. Every word the speaker will send across should be audible and crystal clear. Checking the sound and tone levels is always a standard protocol before shooting begins.

  • Lighting

Usually, a 3-point lighting system is used for most video productions. The first one is the key light, second is the fill light, and third, the backlight. The creative staff should have a keen eye for lighting and should make sure that the light is not too overpowering that it changes the colour, the skin and anything else on the video.