Where to Put your Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos

Maybe making a video production enters your mind, but do you know what type to make? If you don’t have a clue where to start, read the following:

Facebook Site

Facebook has over 4 billion of daily views, and almost half of these are watched in silence. If you want millennials to know something about your products, use Facebook as a marketing tool. You can upload several videos that explain your services and make at least one silent production to cope up with the silent video trend.


Currently ranking in the Top 10 most downloaded apps, not making ads for snap chat is a loss for your company.


Because YouTube provides a convenient access to viewers and provides easy to use hosting for firms, it is one of the commonly used marketing platforms. Just make your channel and videos connected to your tags to create more traffic.


Once you are connected to your customers on Twitter, you can now put your audio-visuals to make brand awareness.


Instagram can be a potential gold mine to business yet many owners still haven’t give it a chance. 40 percent of consumers respond to visual content. So, be active and put your video on Instagram.

Website Homepage

Even though a visitor looks on your site, there’s still a thin chance of a possibility that he stays. That’s why it is important to make your site engaging and interesting in the first few seconds. That can happen if there’s an explainer video on your homepage.

Video Testimonial on Your Landing Page

Customers testimonials create a credibility to your brand. Especially when viewers see the people behind the reviews.

LinkedIn Profile

Aside from being the site of job hunters, LinkedIn is also the page of business companies and leaders. Potentials Investor may inquire about your service once he sees your videos.

Aside from audio-visual ads, you can also put your event video production Sydney in any of these sites.