How Training Videos Should Be Done

Training Videos

Admit it: training manual are not the most interesting materials to read. That’s why when employees have a tough time familiarising themselves with the newest lesson or skill, they might just put down the manual because its too painstaking.

Do you want your employees to thoroughly absorb what you have to teach them?  This is where training videos for SMEs can help. The use these videos is not at all new. In fact, you will see a lot of them from popular sites online. The thing is, some of these videos are not even viewed because they appear boring.

How can you make your employees learn well from your videos? How should you make your videos engaging and make your message tick? This is the million-dollar question. For sure, this is the bottom line behind every video production. This is also one of those easier said than done things. If you are having a hard time coming up with a video that can engage viewers, these tips below might work:

1. Connect

This is the most important part of your training video production. If you succeed here, there is a good chance your video will be watched until the end. However, this is not an easy task to do. You have to know your target audience and adjust yourself to them, identify the demographics and so on.

2. Prepare

Just because the video is not live doesn’t mean you need less time to prepare. In fact, you should prepare even more. You can even practice what you do before finalising the training video.

3. Simplify

Try to shorten your video in such a way that its message will not be sacrificed. Be strategic so that you can say everything you need in a brief time. Although training videos are known to be less watched, you can still make a difference if you know how to make yours more engaging.