Two Elements of Restaurant Software That You Should Look For

Two Elements of Restaurant Software

When you are buying a new system for your food and beverage service, you want a few things to be there beyond acting as a cashier station. Whilst the traditional inventory control, account and audits report and the ease of use should be mandatory for a restaurant software, there are a few other things that a POS should have to make it worth your money.

Online Presence

In today’s resto industry, there’s nothing better than having an online presence. From social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to have your own website for deliveries, you would want a way to market your business integrated into your restaurant software. Why though?

Many of you might ask why a marketing feature should be mandatory in something that is used in a restaurant. The thing is, the ability to take online orders, reservations and deliveries that go straight into your point of sale. If you currently give discounts or promos, software that automatically creates an announcement or posts a tweet is invaluable to your clients.

Such a system can also allow for a way for customer feedback, giving you a chance to see which areas of your business would need some improvements. Having an online presence is another super efficient way for you to get customer information and send them deals, coupons and discounts that they can enjoy for being loyal customers to you.

Customer Support

Another must-have when it comes to features for your POS is the customer support. Never, ever accept a system if they do not provide tech support that encompasses the entire period of your operation. Imagine if, in the middle of a busy operation day, one of the systems malfunction. This disables many important areas of your business and that specific machine needs to be repaired ASAP.

Being able to easily get somebody on the phone, help you troubleshoot or provide onsite support helps you begin the triage, eventually leading to a fully corrected system with very little downtime. They need to be there when you are setting up the restaurant software as well. For more info, click here!

Initial setup, credit card assistance, internet connection, software updates and staff training is just one of the few things that should be available. Their people need to be responsive, easy to talk to and help you in whatever issue that might arise with regards to the system.